Frequently Asked Questions

What genre's do we offer?

Presently the only genre we offer is rock. This of course accounts for all types of rock. We are not just restricting ourselves to certain types, like glam rock, heavy metal for instance. There are many sub-genres in rock we intend to explore. We are also looking to expand our genre offering in due course by offering Pop and Alternative as well as soundtracks. Please come back to this page for updates regarding the genre offering. If there is any other genres you'd like us to look into, please use the link below and contact us. We'd be very interested to hear your feedback.

Do we specialise in new, upcoming and unknown bands?

We do not. We deal with already known bands and classic albums. But if you are interested in upcoming music and great unknown bands, there is hope. The link below will take you to 'The Music Box Subscription' website who do deal with the musically unknown and upcoming. Just click the link below to be re-directed there.

  • The Music Box

  • Where do we ship to?

    We ship worldwide. Please not some destinations may take a couple of weeks to deliver too. Possible even longer depending on your countries customs clearance procedures.

    How long does shipping take?

    Shipping occurs between the 1st to the 10th of every month. Depending on the country the crate is being shipped too, this can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. We do supply tracking on all Music Crates so you can follow the delivery progress. Please note depending on the country being delivered too there may be customs clearance times to consider, as well as Duty/VAT and custom charges per the crates entry into your country. We do not pay for or reimburse these charges!!!

    What payment options are available for a subscription?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards.

    Once subscribed, how often are you charged?

    This depends on the billing plan you decide. Month to month you are charged on the 1st of every month. Three month prepay you are charged once every three months on the 1st. So if you subscribed in the middle of January, you will be charged on February the 1st, and then your next payment will be on May the 1st. Six month prepay there will only be two charges a year. Again these will occur first from when you subscribe on the following months 1st. So if you subscribe in January, you will be charged on February 1st and then the next payment will be on August 1st. 12 Month Prepay you are charged once a year. So if you subscribe in January, you will be charged on February 1st and the next payment will be the following year on February 1st. We do send out reminders when billing dates approach.

    How can I cancel my subscription?

    Well firstly know that we are very sorry to see you go. However, if you are persistent to cancel your subscription with us, then please login to your account. Then click on 'Edit' under your subscriptions, and then click 'Cancel.'

    How do you return a Music Crate?

    If you wish to return a Music Crate for all full refund or replacement, please read through the below for our returns process. The Music Crate will need to be returned in its entirety, so all items that were delivered will need to be returned. The CD's will still need to be sealed within the plastic wrapping, along wih any other items delivered as such. You'll then need to contact us and request a returns number. Once this is provided please write this clearly in black pen onto the underside of the carton. The returns number will be used for administration purposes so we can process the return promptly and efficiently for you. We will then provide a replacement/refund. Please note we do not cover the postage of the return. This will have to come out of your own pocket. The link to contact us is below. Please title the message 'Return' and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a return number.

    You received the wrong size T-shirt. What should you do?

    If you have recieved the wrong size t-shirt, please contact us. We'll issue a return number for the t-shirt you have received so you can return it to us and we'll exchange it for you. If you have a continous subscription with us we can also update our records to reflect the new size if you require, so the following months Music Crate should contain the requested size for you. Please note, we will not accept the exchange if the t-shirt has signs of obvious wear. Signs of this could be if it smells of perfume, detergent, pet hair and contains food and drink stains. Please use the link below to contact us if you require a return number for your t-shirt.

    Your Music Crate is missing an item or is damaged/broken, what should you do?

    We try to pack all items as safely and practically as possible. But items may inevitable be damaged or broken during the transit period, or we may have missed out an item you were expecting. In any such case we request you contact us and report this. We may request you send the damaged/broken item back to us, in which case we'll issue a return number. But this will be decided on a case by case basis. We'll either try to send out a replacement item of the same product or of the same value, or re-inburse the cost of that paritcular item.

    It is the end of the month and you still haven't recieved your Music Crate, what should you do?

    Music Crates are dispatched at the end and begining of every month. Sadly, delays may be inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances. So we'd ask a little leway be taken into account. But if you still haven't received your Music Crate by the 5th of the month then please use the link below and contact us. Please title the message with 'Missing Crate' and we'll investigate what has occurred. We'll endeavour to respond within 24 hours to work on a solution.

    How do you contact us?

    Click the 'Contact Us' link below to send us a email. Or if you do not have outlook please send emails to customerservices@musiccrate.co.uk